Strategic Community Investments

Applications are currently closed. Please check back in August 2020.
The Humana Foundation’s Strategic Community Investment Program seeks to advance health equity in eight of Humana Inc.’s Bold Goal communities by understanding and addressing social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions under which people are born, grow, live, work and age. As the World Health Organization recognizes, these circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels, and have an impact on people’s overall health and well-being. 

Through partnerships and collaborations with local organizations and community members, The Humana 
Foundation seeks to create measurable results in some of the most common social determinants — postsecondary attainment and sustaining employment, social connectedness, financial asset security and food security. By holistically addressing these areas through system and community level approaches, it is our belief that we will be able to close the measurable gaps in health outcomes that communities face.
The Humana Foundation is making a greater impact by issuing “fewer, bigger” investments in the communities we serve. These investments have a longer-term focus of us to three years, recognizing that the change we seek requires deep commitment and partnership at all levels and sectors of society. We are working with local partners – at the community, regional and national level – because joining forces, representing multiple sectors, can result in more impactful, broad-based, sustainable and equitable change.

All Humana Foundation Strategic Community Investment partners use the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 
Healthy Days survey as well as additional metrics and tracking tools that are relevant while community members engage and interact with the work of our investees. 
Strategic Community Investment Areas:
  • Post-secondary attainment and sustaining employment
  • Social connectedness
  • Financial asset security
  • Food security 
“What types of organizations can apply for a grant?”
The Humana Foundation believes that positive, sustainable change requires partnership and collaboration. We accept applications from individual organizations and collaboration across sectors, including religious institutions, nonprofit organizations, government entities, academic institutions, grassroots organizations, and for-profit organizations and start-ups when collaborating with other qualified entities.
Communities and Investments
In 2018, The Humana Foundation invested $7.4 million with nine organizations addressing food security, social connection, post-secondary success (sustained employment) and asset security. These organizations are located in seven Humana Bold Goal communities, places where Humana is working to achieve a goal of helping people improve their health 20 percent by 2020 and beyond. These nine investments range from $500,000 to $1,000,000 and include:
In 2018, The Humana Foundation invested
 $7.4 million
 with nine organizations
Baton Rouge, LA
Healthy BR  received an investment to fight food insecurity and social isolation via the Geaux Get Healthy project. Funded by grants from both The Humana Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation , the project addresses food deserts by saturating areas with the highest rates of food insecurity and health disparities with numerous access points for purchasing fresh food at an affordable price.
Broward County, FL
AARP Foundation  received an investment to improve food security for older adults and their families. This program works with health clinics to screen older patients for food insecurity and diet-related disease, and helps people apply for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and access healthy foods via a produce prescription program.
Jacksonville, FL
The University of Florida  received an investment to promote social connection and food security among minority, underserved and low-income seniors, as well as asset security and post-secondary success resources for their families in partnership with the Jacksonville Urban League.
Knoxville, TN
InterFaith Health Clinic , in a collaborative partnership with Catapult 4D, received an investment to address social determinants of health and health equity barriers. The Truck2Table pilot program is improving the health and quality of life of uninsured and underserved people by providing affordable access to healthy food.
Louisville, KY
The Family Scholar House  received an investment for its HEROES program, expanding existing programs and reaching more individuals, families and senior citizens to assess and address barriers including social isolation, food insecurity and lack of post-secondary educational attainment.  Metro United Way  received an investment to expand its pilot financial literacy program, improving financial independence and providing families and residents experiencing economic distress with financial literacy coaching.
San Antonio, TX 
Older Adults Technology Services (OATS)  received an investment to address social isolation. The Senior Planet San Antonio program reduces isolation and loneliness and increases social connections by engaging seniors through free access to internet-connected technology and training courses. The San Antonio Food Bank  received an investment to impact food insecurity and social isolation by creating a Senior Wellness Intervention Model program. The program assists seniors who screen positive for food insecurity and social isolation with comprehensive services that stabilize their household and address prevalent health issues.
Tampa, FL
Wholesome Wave  received an investment to fund Wholesome Communities Florida: Waking Up to Wellness, a cross-sector collaboration designed to transform affordable access to healthy food in partnership with local clinics and other social service providers.
New Orleans, LA
In 2019, The Humana Foundation is extending our Strategic Community Investment Program to New Orleans, investing up to $1 million locally. Applications were due in early August 2019, and we expect to announce the New Orleans organization(s) receiving funding in late 2019.
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Applications are currently closed. Please check back in August 2020.
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